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Terms Of Service
Last updated Feb 9, 2016


By continued use of this website ( you agree to the terms in this document.
These terms may be updated at any time without notice to you.
Any violation of these terms may result in, but are not limited to, you being banned from this website, your account being suspended, your stored information and funds confiscated.
We currently offer no guarantees or insurance against any loss or damage you may incur as a result of using this website and any related services we provide.
If you create an account your username must be appropriate for all ages. You are allowed only one account. If that account gets banned you may not create another.
It is up to you to protect your login cradentials and ensure only you can login to your account. You are liable for any actions taken by anyone who logged in using your cradentials. We highly recommend you enable 2-factor authentication to better protect your account. If you lose your login cradentials then you are likely out of luck, however you should contact us to see if we can authenticate you using other means. Accounts that have not had activity for 4 years will expire. An email will be sent several month prior to warn you that any data or funds in your account will be lost.

Privacy Policy

We will not disclose any of your personal information without explicit consent unless a valid and justified warrant requests it, or if it is required by a trusted third party who is helping fulfill a service that you have requested.
We collect limited non-personally identifying information your browser makes available. This information includes your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, and other browser information.
We use browser cookies to enable registered users to login and for temporary session data such as shopping cart items, ProtoStore purchases, ProtoCash cards, comments, votes, and other settings. Session data expires about a month after you last made any changes to your session data but this may vary. Your session data can only be accessed with the same combination of browser and IP address. If you clear your cookies, uninstall your browser, or are using your browser's privacy mode then you will lose access to session data. It is highly recommended that you sign up and login before making any purchases because you will lose access to your digital products and all record of your transactions.
We may occasionally show links to outside websites which we don't control and have no connection with. Outside links are usually marked with this icon: .
If you register an email address to your account then we may periodically send updates about important changes to the website regardless of user settings. If your user settings indicate you do want to receive email updates (on by default) then we may send you emails periodically which may contain but are not limited to advertising about our products or services.


Your funds are backed by Canadian Dollars. We are not a licensed bank so we won't be lending out your balance like real banks. Your use of this website and our services must comply with Canadian laws as well as your local laws. Any personal information you provide to us must be accurate.
User to user transfers are subject to a tax of $0.01 and are paid by the sender. For example, if you want someone to receive $10.00 it will cost you $10.01.
For deposits that incur taxes, such as with PayPal (2.9% + $0.30) the tax will be deducted from the amount you receive. For example, if you want to deposit $1 using PayPal then you will need to pay $1.33 plus any currency conversion fees.


If you are not logged in while making a purchase then we store your purchase history in a temporary session.
A minimum checkout total is required for some payment methods due to transaction fees.
This website is not liable for buyers who have been scammed. Buyer beware. If you make a purchase with this website you agree not to attempt a charge-back or any automatic or third party refund procedures. All sales are final, except when reversed by this website.
If you think you are being scammed you should contact us immediately.


You may not sell anything which you don't have the rights to sell. You agree to take full liability for your transactions.
Your products must be suitable for everyone age 16 or older.
You may not deceive buyers or profit from buyer ignorance.
A transaction tax of 10% will automatically be deducted from every sale.
If any extra taxes or fees are added during a transaction, for example Pay-Pal's currency conversion, then the they will automatically be deducted from the sale.
You may be required to prove your identity to be allowed to sell products in our store. During disputes you may be required to prove your innocence.
Your files to sell are subject to inspection to ensure they don't violate these terms. They may only be encrypted if the decryption key is in the receipt script so we can inspect the file.
Any profit from sales is subject to a 14 day hold preventing withdrawal or transfer.
If a charge-back occurs within 14 days of a sale and you have enough funds in your account, the transaction may be reversed.
If a charge-back occurs after 14 days and you don't have the funds to cover a refund then we will give you 14 days to deposit the refund amount into your account before we utilize a collection service and/or legal remedies.