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If set, this Jinja2 script will generate text to be shown on this product's page instead of the description. A restricted subset of HTML is allowed.
For help with syntax visit the Jinja2 Website or
Local Variables
  • dat = {pid, name, desc, price}
  • <h2> On sale from {{ dat.price*1.5 }} </h2> {{ dat.desc }}

This Jinja2 scritp will generate text to be added to the receipt that you and the buyer will get after a purchase.
For help with syntax visit the Jinja2 Website or
Local Variables
  • dat = {pid, name, price, desc, count, tax, custom}
Extra Functions
  • post(url, args=dat) - make a HTTP POST request (timeout=5s, can only be called once per script) Help?
  • {{ post('', {'item', 'total':dat.price -}) }}

Rules for Sellers
  • You must have the right to sell the product. You are liable for selling illegal or copy-written material.
  • Your product must be suitable for everyone of age 16 and up.
  • Any currency conversion fees or taxes by PayPal will be deducted from your sale.
  • You may leave the price field blank to make your product free only if you have not uploaded a file. We can't allow files to be downloaded for free.
  • You can show or hide your product in the Store at any time.
  • You can ignore the file upload and just use the Receipt script to send custom notifications to a website you control to activate product keys for paid users.
  • To add custom data to a product on a per-user basis you must add a custom=YOURTEXT parameter to your Buy Now or Add to Cart button. The custom data is available to your Receipt script. Maximum 256 chars.